Rehabilitation and Therapy

Rehabilitation and Therapy

Coping with hearing impairment takes more than medical treatment. Our holistic approach to caring for hearing health extends to therapy and counselling services to help not only patients of all ages, but their family members and caregivers as well. These efforts are led by our Chief Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Dr Stephanie Lim.

For Babies and Young Children
Early intervention is important for babies and young children with any degree of hearing loss, whether they are using hearing aids or have had cochlear implants. We adopt the Auditory-Verbal Approach in teaching deaf children to listen and talk. Their progress is continually evaluated on an informal and periodic basis with standardised assessment tools. Home visits may be involved in the initial stages. For children with additional disabilities, Dr Lim will also work closely with the various healthcare professionals involved for a fully coordinated care.

For School-going Children
We will evaluate the child’s school-readiness, provide advice on appropriate school placement and facilitate the integration of the child to mainstream schools where possible. Literacy development progress is continually evaluated and school visits may be involved.

For Adults
We focus on hearing rehabilitation for individuals with post-lingual and/or progressive hearing loss, as well as the development of listening skills for young adults and the elderly.

For Caregivers
We help parents and caregivers through guidance and training in caring for the hearing impaired. As partners, we work with caregivers to help the patient develop listening skills, language skills and communication competence through activities at our centre and at home.

For Cochlear Implant Patients
Therapy is an integral part of the cochlear implant process, both pre-surgery and post-surgery. We are fully involved in the entire process from candidacy assessment, surgery preparation and post-implant therapy.