Nose & Sinus

Common Nose & Sinus Issues

In this section, we share general information on a variety of common conditions affecting the nose. This should serve only as a guide and professional consultation is highly recommended. Click here to make an appointment today.

Blocked Nose
Nasal congestion is generally the result of infection, allergies, vasomotor rhinitis or structural causes.

Running Nose & Sneezing
Sinus is a frequently misused term. Find out what a true sinus infection is here.

Nose Bleeds
Most nose bleeds are mild and can be controlled with simple measures. In some cases, though, immediate medical attention is necessary.

Nasal Discharge
Nasal discharge is a common symptom of sinus infections but nasal polyps could also be the cause.

Post-nasal Drip
This occurs when excess nasal discharge is produced and runs down the back of the throat.

How to tell if you really have a sinus headache.