First Visit

Meeting us for the first time

We are always excited to welcome patients for the first time. To make your first visit a smooth and fruitful one, there are several things that you can prepare.

What To Bring for Your Visit

Please bring the following documents on your first visit:

  • NRIC or Birth Certificate (if you are under 15) or Passport and Employment Pass/Work Permit (if you are a foreigner)
  • Referral letter from your doctor
  • Past medical reports, x-rays and medical history relating to your medical condition
  • Corporate Insurance Card or Letter of Guarantee (applicable only for those companies that have credit arrangements with the clinic)  – We are in partnership with major healthcare organisations to support their selected corporate programme with multinational corporations (MNCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and government agencies.  These healthcare organisations include:
    • Alliance Healthcare
    • Adept Healthcare
    • Cigna Health Insurance
    • Henner Group
    • Parkway Shenton Group

Please approach our staff for more details

On Your Arrival

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment time for registration.  You are required to complete a Registration Form on your first visit.


Upon registration, please take a seat at the waiting are.   Please note that consultation is by appointment and not on a first-come-first-serve basis.

On your first visit, you will be given an Outpatient Appointment Card to record details of your appointments. Please bring this card with you each time you visit the clinic, as it will help speed up the registration process.


We accept cash, credit cards and NETS. Receipts are issued for all payments. Please check the receipts issued and report any inaccuracies to our staff immediately.


Novena ENT is accredited as Day Surgery Centre by Central Provident Fund Board. With this accreditation, we are allowed to help patients to submit Medisave and Private medical insurance (PMI) claims, or E-file for those day surgeries and/or outpatient treatments approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Besides AIA and Great Eastern, we also work with other PMI companies like NTUC Income, Prudential and AXA. Please inform our staff if you wish us to help submit a claim for the expenses. Kindly note approval of the claim is dependent on your insurance policy and Central Provident Fund Board.