Ear & Hearing

Common Ear & Hearing Issues

In this section, we share general information on a variety of common conditions affecting the ear. This should serve only as a guide and professional consultation is highly recommended. Click here to make an appointment today.

Hearing Loss
Affecting people of any age, hearing loss may be due to outer, middle or inner ear disorders.

The hallucination of sounds or ringing in the ear – should you be worried?

Ear Blockage
A congested sensation in the ear, ear fullness or popping or clicking sounds could signal ear blockage.

Ear Pain
Pains or aches in the ear could mean the presence of a ear infection.

Ear Discharge
When ear discharge is discoloured or tinted with blood, it may indicate a perforated eardrum.

Facial Weakness
Facial weakness is usually presented as involuntary drooping and the inability to smile, close the eye or lift the eyebrow on one side of the face.